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Private Training or Consulting Angie.Clarke# 125
Public Training Lori.Stone# 150
Training Development Danielle.Lajoie# 130
Knowledge Express Library Gabriel.Ramos# 170
Accounts Receivable or Payable     Accounting# 105
Writing Articles Terri.Wylie# 110
Accounting & HR Susan.Webster# 160
CTO Tim.McMurdo# 140
President & CEO Penny.Allen# 165

202 North Avenue, Suite 154

Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

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Fax: 877.827.2614

About JDEtips

Our mission is to help JD Edwards clients and their employees become more effective and efficient through superior JDE education. JDEtips is a closely-knit team of educators, editors, consultants, and business professionals. The company began in 1998 and has grown to become a highly respected North American JD Edwards training and consulting practice.

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202 North Ave #154
Grand Junction, CO 81501